Hi. My name is Cate

Hi. My name is Cate, and I’m a new patient of Jacksonville Eye Care Center. I had a hard time finding an eye doctor here in Jacksonville, and so I thought others would like to know about my experience at Jacksonville Eye Care Center as a first-time patient.
Five stars for sure! I walked in at precisely the time of my scheduled appointment, and they were ready and waiting for me. In the world of Doctor visits, that’s a new one!

The staff here was very friendly and professional. They are super-clean, and were really fastidious about sanitizing every piece of equipment right in front of me. I really appreciated that ! See, at the last eye doctor I visited, I sat there watching as the technician grabbed a piece of equipment , then settled it right onto my face without cleaning it first. A few of those rubbery things that fit close smelled really funky. I kept wondering who had used it before me, and it completely grossed me out. So while it may seem like a small thing, knowing it was clean equipment was a big deal to me.
After all that was taken care of, the Doctor came in and saw me right away. I found this to be reassuring and very cool: I learned that a proper eye exam is actually a little mini physical! A good eye exam can actually detect symptoms of other troubles, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Who knew?

As soon as my exam with Dr. Favale was over, he walked me out to their eyeglass display and introduced me to my very own, one-on- one frame consultant, Frank. Frank cut through all the wondering and waffling, and wasted no time pretending glasses looked good on me if they didn’t. If you’ve ever had an employee at one of those places trying to push you into choosing a pair of glasses that you weren’t so sure about, you will know what I mean! In no time, I actually trusted Frank’s opinion, learned a little something about style and fashion, chose my new frames, actually felt good about my choice, and was outta there! That has never happened before, even in the places that advertise under an hour! As for How Likely Am I To Recommend?
I already have!